Chaff Cutters

What are chaff cutters?

A chaff cutter is a mechanical machine for cutting hay, nappier grass, maize stalk etc into small pieces before feeding live stock for example cows and goats. This aids the animal’s digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.

Chaff cutters can be used by small scale farmers to feed their livestock because they are efficient and can cut feeds for the small herd in a short period of time. However if a farmer has a large herd, the chaff cutter maynot be efficient to do the job of cutting feeds for a large herd. We advise large scale farmers to purchase a forage chopper from us instead.

The chaff cutter can be used manually to cut the feeds or it can be run by an electric motor or an engine(petrol / diesel).  However the price differs. For more information about chaff cutters, feel free to contact us here.