About Us

Who are we?

4DIZ Group Company is a limited liability Company supplying Agricultural machinery to dairy farmers in Uganda. 4DIZ is also involved in commercial dairy farming and selling of other dairy products.

Under commercial dairy farming, 4DIZ carries out artificial insemination on their farm in-order to improve on the breed of cattle that have a high milk production.

The company is also aiming at enabling farmers to have quality feeds for animals throughout the year, especially with the recurrent challenges of climate change that are characterized by long spells of drought. It is no longer tenable for any farmer to rely on traditional pastures for animal feeding, thus the need to have supplementary feeds through making of silage and hay by using our forage choppers and chaff cutters to achieve this. We also sell pasture seeds from South Africa that improve on the milk production in your herd for example chicory, sabanera, sabia, rhodes grass etc. Such interventions supported by 4DIZ Group Company enhance milk production and thus more income on the part of farmers.

4DIZ is also improving quality and quantity of milk production in Uganda by encouraging the use of milking machines for milking cattle and use of  milk cooling tanks for proper storage of milk. 4DIZ in partnership with Kanters Holland BV and Mueller who are our suppliers of used milking machines from the Netherlands and milk cooling tanks respectively.

4DIZ deals in a variety of products, you can find out more about them here.

Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Our Vision

To develop an integrated farming enterprise that will be a model of excellence in Uganda.

Our Team

Hilda Nduhura

Hilda Nduhura

Executive Director


Dennis Nduhura Mwebaze

Director in-charge of Technical Assistance

Denise Kukundakwe Lynette

Director in-charge of legal affairs


Dinton Harold Ainemukama

Director in-charge of projects & systems

Our Partners