Strip Grazing

What is strip Grazing?

This is a technique that involves utilizing a movable, solar powered electric fence to allot enough pasture for a short time period and then moving the fence forward providing a new allocation of pasture.

Why Strip Grazing?

  • It gives animals access to clean, uncontaminated, fresh pasturage on regular basis.
  • Manage pasture and reduce wastage.
  • It enables the pasture to regenerate fast and at the same level.
  • It increases milk production since lactating herd have priority to access nutritious pasture.
  • Since animals are confided in small portions of land, the dung is evenly spread across the pasture hence available manure.
  • Keeping the pasture short will encourage the growth of clovers, which will help reduce fertilizer costs.
  • Reduction in contamination of animals with infectious parasites.
  • Most important, it is better for pasture to be grazed at the most nutritious stage of it’s life cycle. If you find the grass a head is getting away return the herd to the grass that is still nutritious.

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