Milking Machines

We are the agents of Kanters BV, a company in Netherlands that deals in milking machines. We install, service and maintain milking machines. We always have spares for the milking machines, you don’t have to be worried that we have sold to you machines with no spares.

We deal in Bucket milking machines and Herringbone milking parlours. For each dairy farm we can help you with a solution. No matter what the size is.

Advantages of milking with machines
  • Saving of labour expenses
  • Reduction of dependency on skilled farm workers
  • Enables rearing of larger herd strength
  • Four times faster than hand milking(you milk a cow on average of 4mins)
  • Increase in milk yield
  • Increase in quality of milk
  • Reduces stress throughout the lactation period of a cow, by creating good milking routines.

Contact us if you are interested, for consultation and a quotation.

Herringbone milking parlour
Bucket milking machines